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Commercial Brokerage +
Urban Planning Services

Acquire commercial real estate properties, then create enduring, transformative landmark developments through urban planning. Grow your legacies through combined real estate brokerage and planning!


Commercial Real Estate Properties

Seize opportunities along the path of development. We specialize in the following property types for development and redevelopment. Serving Hall County and Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Transitional Land

Large land tracts within growth areas near existing development that can transition to higher and better land uses (housing developments, mixed-use communities, other commercial developments

Vacant, Infill Lots

Remaining commercial land within existing suburban and urban areas that is either undeveloped or are empty after old structures have been removed

Underutilized & Underimproved

Properties that have either high vacancies or can be improved to a higher intensity and valued property. These properties often benefit from repositioning, rezoning, adaptive reuse, or redevelopment

Our Services

Development Services
From Start To Finish And
Over Again...

Plandmark DSG uniquely merges brokerage and planning services to provide comprehensive services for your commercial development projects throughout Hall County and Gwinnett County, GA.

1 Brokerage Services

Site Selection

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) analysis, networks, and multiple listing service to find development properties matching your criteria


Buy properties for development or redevelopment within growth areas


Sell your properties as-is, packaged with added value, or as a leased investment

Commercial Leasing

Lease-up your commercial developments with desirable tenants to either hold or sell as investments

Development Marketing

We also provide marketing services to attract buyers, tenants, and other developers to your project.

Unlock Further Potential Of
Your Properties Through...

2 Urban Planning Services

Land Use & Zoning Consulting

Urban Design & Site Planning

Community Engagement

Do you own land or property within or near a growing metropolitan area that:

Plandmark DSG
Is Ideal For Your Development Projects!

An Army of Agents

Plandmark Development Services Group (DSG) powers its brokerage services through KW Commercial. We have a network of over 2,600 commercial agents and growing, with a variety of specialties, from multifamily to golf courses, who can work on your behalf.

Perfect for Mixed-Use

Plandmark DSG advocates live-work-play and new urbanist concepts and principles. We are powered by one of the largest brokerage firms, Keller Williams, which has over 2,600 commercial specialists and over 150,000 residential agents who can assist with your mixed-use developments. 

Unique Perspectives

Our brokerage and planning services work best together to give you the best value to complete your real estate transactions. Gain the advantage of having a planner’s perspective with your brokerage team.

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Shaping the future of our communities

Our vision is to work with developers and communities to foster more public spaces that connect people to pathways, people to nature, and people to people.

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